The hotel next to the piste
Summer in Macugnaga
Macugnaga is one of the bases for the 'Tour of the Mount Rosa' , a long trek which winds through the valleys that form the peaks of this mountain range, the most extensive in Europe.
From the hotel you can go on various trekking tours including maybe for those enthusiasts to the Zamboni Zappa refuge where you will find an enchanted valley at the foot of Mount Rosa.
The trek to Hinderbalmo, a restored, old mountain village is very scenic and is situated in the national park area. It is also the start of the long but easy climb up to Pizzo Croce, above Pecetto, offering a breathtaking panoramic views. Quarazza Valley is very beautiful and is immersed in nature and absolute silence. At the start is an enchanting Lake (of the fairies) which is a great way to cool down on very hot days. A well worn track is that of the cattle road that ends at the Turlo pass, an impressive manmade track which was built at the beginning of the 1900 by the alpine army to fight off possible attacks from the neighbouring troups. The C. A. I of Macugnaga offers an excellent programme of walking excursions during the summer while the alpine guides organise rock/ice climbing courses and a vast array of alpine tours for all levels. On top of this it is also possible to go horseriding and play tennis or football.
Hotel Cristallo Macugnaga
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